Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fall Lies

Although the past few early fall days have been lovely here in the greater Boston area, the change in the air, the early tinges of color on the leaves, and the darker evenings make me quite sad. Until I moved to California, I just assumed that the dark days of winter was the price that humans have to pay. I thought there was no life without snow, cold, ice and misery. I bought into the "the change of seasons makes you appreciate each one all the more." Yeah, right.

My move to California liberated me from these Yankee New England thoughts. Some might even be as bold to call them lies. You know what? Nice sunny weather makes you appreciate nice sunny weather. Snow doesn't make you appreciate anything. Nor does ice or minus zero temperatures. In fact, they all make me quite cranky.

I'm smarter now that I am back in New England after my California stint. I know that in a few short months, or possibly even weeks, the winter chill will begin to set in, and we will be in for many more months of cold and darkness. And every supposedly pleasant fall memory reminds me that it's all getting closer and closer.

So when others are smiling over sweaters, apple picking, and leaf peeping, you'll find me engaged in quite opposite activities--Complaining, worrying, and general bad moodiness. You'll see me, I'll be the one with scowl.


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